Release candidate of CipherMail gateway 2.10 available


A release candidate of the CipherMail gateway 2.10.0 is available. This is
mostly a maintenance release.


* HTML parts are now scanned for PGP content
* PGP desktop/universal (now Symantec) proprietary partitioned encoding
  format is now fully supported for incoming email. Email encrypted
  with PGP desktop/universal with the partitioned encoding format is
  now "repaired" to a proper MIME message.
* RedHat/CentOS 7 is now supported.
* Ignore content-transfer-encoding of multipart messages.
* S/MIME handler now adds X-Djigzo-Info-Signer-Email-* headers with the
  email address of the signer certificate.
* Tomcat server.xml config configured to only use strong ciphers. This
  implies that Windows XP users with IE can no longer connect since IE
  on Windows XP does not support strong ciphers.
* Virtual appliance: There is no longer a separate version for VMware
  ESX and workstation. The VMware virtual appliance now supports ESX 4
  and up and VMware workstation. Because the virtual appliance now
  requires VM version 7, ESXi 3 is no longer supported.

The release candidate and updated installation documentation can be
downloaded from

Kind regards,

Martijn Brinkers


CipherMail email encryption

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