CipherMail gateway community 4.3.0-0 release candidate available


A new release candidate of the CipherMail gateway community edition is
now available (version 4.3.0-0).


* HTML/CSS refactored. Bootstrap HTML/CSS framework is now used for the
  web GUI. The web GUI is now responsive and scales on small mobile
  devices (iPhone, iPad etc.). Some menu items are now combined under
  one pulldown menu (S/MIME) and some menu items are moved. This was a
  major change because all GUI pages had to be updated.
* MimeEncodeHeaderMethod freemarker method added which can be used to
  MIME encode a header to make it 7bit safe
* General code cleanup
* Reboot and shutdown are now done in background to prevent a browser
  error on fast systems (system that shutdown before the browser was
  able to get the result)
* EncodedSubject template parameter added which contains the 7bit safe
* post-quarantine- processors renamed, There are now special processor's
  used for email released from quarantine and no longer shared between
  normal flow.
* Stats added for DLP and failed encryption.
* MariaDB JDBC driver is updated to 1.7.4.
* Factory property files are now read from conf/ in
  sorted order. This can be used to add new factory properties or
  override existing properties.
* A new TLS/SSL cert for the web GUI is now installed using a script.
  This requires that -Ddjigzo.home parameter is set for Tomcat.
* Postfix long queue IDs are now enabled by default (
* The web server can now be restarted from the system page.
* Download key page now supports downloading keys as PEM.

The release candidate can be downloaded from

When upgrading an existing installation, a (minor) additional
configuration step is required if you want to allow uploading of the
TLS/SSL certificate using the web GUI. See the upgrade guide for more

Kind regards,

Martijn Brinkers


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