New release of the CipherMail gateway (3.3.1-0)

A new version of the CipherMail email encryption gateway has been
released (3.3.1-0)

Virtual Appliance downloads:

Distribution packages downloads:

Release notes:


* S/MIME support for RSASSA-PSS signing algorithm added (requirement for
   the German edi(a)energy standard)
* S/MIME support for RSAES-OAEP encryption scheme added (requirement for
   the German edi(a)energy standard)
* RPM packages can now be relocated
* PGPSkipSignOnly property added
* Active Directory GUI authenticator added [enterprise only]


* Trying to export a PGP secret key to a file resulted in a
   NullPointerException if the selected keys did not contain any private
* BouncyCastle updated to 1.58. Note: the updated BC jar now strictly
   follows the standards for ASN1 Integer encoding. Because of this some
   old incorrectly encoded certificates might now be considered invalid.
   To revert to the old less strict encoding, set the following Java
   System property 'org.bouncycastle.asn1.allow_unsafe_integer' to 'true'
* Freemarker updated
* MPA log search filter now has a "context" option. If the context is
   set, context number of log lines before and after the match will be
   shown. This makes it easier to search for multi line log output.
* SMTP transport config is now directly editable from the GUI
   [enterprise only]
* SMTP transport now allows mapping from email address to relay
   [enterprise only]
* Virtual Appliance: DHCP client was not stopped when changing from DHCP
   to static IP

Upgrade guide can be downloaded from:

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Martijn Brinkers


CipherMail email encryption

Open source email encryption gateway with support for S/MIME, OpenPGP
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