CipherMail Email Encryption Gateway 3.2.2-0 Release Candidate available


A new release candidate of the CipherMail Email Encryption Gateway
community edition is available for download (version 3.2.2-0).


* Outgoing email can now be DKIM signed. DKIM signing key can be
  configured on global, domain or individual level.
* DKIM signing keys can be generated and stored on a Hardware Security
  Module (HSM) [enterprise only feature].
* DLP actions can now be delayed until it is determined whether a
  message was encrypted or not. This allows you to setup a DLP rule
  which is only activated if the message was not encrypted.
* DLP validator's added. A validator can check whether a matched pattern
  has some structure which cannot be detected with regular expressions.
  For example a credit card can be validated using the Luhn algorithm. A
  validator improves detection and results in less false positives. The
  following validator's are supported:
  Burger Service Number (BSN), DEA Registration Number, Luhn and
  National Provider Identifier (NPI). Additional validator's will be
  added in upcoming releases [enterprise only feature]
* Twilio and eCall SMS transports added [enterprise only feature]
* LDAP certificate lookup module added. The certificate lookup/download
  process can be modified by editing a script file
  [enterprise only feature]
* Page added which shows the database cluster status [enterprise only
* SMTP transport configuration page now supports port number [enterprise
  only feature]
* Backup/restore to XML tool added. This allows the configuration to be
  restored to a different database system [enterprise only feature]


* Phone numbers are now validated with libphonenumber.
* Backup/restore script refactored. MySQL is now supported.
* Backup/restore can now skip the database (i.e., only backup other
* Thread pool size for CXF is now set to 10 threads instead of the
  default 200.
* Java wrapper overrides should now be done in
* Other minor bug fixes.

The release candidate can be downloaded from

When upgrading an existing installation, a number of (minor) additional
configuration steps are required. See the upgrade guide for more

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