New release of the CipherMail gateway

A new version of the CipherMail email encryption gateway has been
released (2.9.0-0)

Release notes:


* Global "Skip calendar messages" property added which will skip
  encryption and signing if the message is a meeting request (Outlook
  cannot handle encrypted or signed meeting requests).
* PGP sign only is now supported. "Only sign when encrypt" now
  also works for PGP messages. S/MIME signing is tried before PGP
  signing, i.e., if a sender has a valid S/MIME signing key, the
  message will be S/MIME signed. If the sender does not have a valid
  S/MIME signing key but has a valid PGP signing key, the message will
  be PGP signed. Signing of PDF encrypted email now also supports PGP
  signing if a valid PGP signing key is available.
* Allow administrator to disable auto decryption. The PGP handler can
  now be configured to not decrypt incoming email.Disabling PGP
  decryption requires a change to config.xml [GATEWAY-81].


* PGP universal gateway uses non standard encoding for PGP/MIME. The
  header x-pgp-encoding-format is now used to detect PGP/MIME encoding
  for messages generated by PGP Universal [GATEWAY-83].
* PDF password only supports ASCII characters. Encrypted properties are
  now UTF8 encoded instead of ASCII encoded [GATEWAY-82].
* Default Signature algorithm for newly generated certificates is not
  SHA256 (was SHA1).
* BlackBerry add-in handling is not longer enabled by default. The
  add-in is only for for BB OS 7 and lower using BIS. BB 10 does not
  use BIS so for BB 10 the add-in is not required.
* PGP signatures are now created as a text signature and not as a
  binary signature. This is a workaround for an Enigmail bug in
  Enigmail 1.7 (
* PGP/MIME encrypted messages now use inline as default disposition.
  This is similar to how Enigmail sets the disposition and allows
  Mailvelope to open PGP/MIME encrypted email.
* BouncyCastle jar updated to 1.51
* Spring jars updated to 3.2.9
* Web GUI: Spring security jars updated to 3.2.5
* Web GUI: Incorrect logins are now cached for 5 min (was 1 min).
* Web GUI: Mobile settings link disabled by default since the BB add-in
  is no longer enabled by default.
* Web GUI: Minor changes to settings page. Some settings were moved to
  additional settings and vice versa. Some settings were grouped

Bug fix

* Startup fails if the Linux free command is localized (for example
  German language). A fallback to /proc/meminfo is added if free does
  not return the required info [GATEWAY-80].
* PGP/MIME signatures were invalid if a multipart message contained
  extra newlines at the end of the message. Zimbra mail client added
  additional empty lines at the end of a multipart message. The
  additional empty lines are now removed before signing.
* Virtual Appliance: The NTP settings cannot be changed. Ubuntu 14.04
  uses a different name for ntp server settings [GATEWAY-79].

Upgrade guide can be downloaded from:

Kind regards,

Martijn Brinkers


CipherMail email encryption

Open source email encryption gateway with support for S/MIME, OpenPGP
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