Looking for native speakers to help me with the translation of some pages


I am working on a new release. The new release contains some new
functionality to make it easier to exchange the PDF password with the
recipient. A new password option is added which allows you to generate
"one time passwords" based on a client secret. To make it easier for the
end user (i.e., the recipient of the PDF) I have added a simple portal
functionality to the gateway. I started to localize the new portal
functionality and the PDF reply page (i.e., add support for different
languages). Since I only speak Dutch and English I'm not able to
translate certain text fragments into German, French, Spanish etc.

My question then is, who is willing me to help translate certain text
fragments to a language which is not yet supported?

It's not a lot of text only a number of lines (like names of labels,
error messages etc.).

If you are willing to help me, and/or would like a demo of the new
functionality, please contact me off list.

Kind regards,

Martijn Brinkers


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