German language errors in the portal


I’ve noticed some language errors on the German PDF portal.
I’m working for a German company and we’ve just started using Ciphermail for email PDF encryption with external recipients. So this looks a little unprofessional.
Unfortunately there is no way of setting the default language to English.
Would it be possible to fix the errors?
I’d be happy to help with the correct translation since I’m a native German speaker.
Many thanks in advance!


Yes please post the correct translation.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Here’s the correct translation for the German password generator:

Die verschlüsselte PDF-Datei kann mit dem folgenden Verfahren geöffnet werden:

  1. Kopieren Sie die “Password ID” aus der E-Mail (überspringen, falls bereits ausgefüllt)
  2. Drücken Sie den “Passwort generieren” Button
  3. Kopieren Sie das Passwort
  4. Öffnen Sie die verschlüsselte PDF-Datei aus dem Anhang der E-Mail
  5. Fügen Sie das generierte Passwort in das Passwortfeld des PDF-Programms ein

Password ID
Kopieren Sie die “Password ID” aus der E-Mail in dieses Feld

PDF Passwort
Das generierte Passwort wird hier angezeigt

Passwort generieren

Do you know when approximately the change will be released?
Or would it be possible to get a demo version of this when it’s ready? :slight_smile:

One missing hyphen:
2. Drücken Sie den “Passwort generieren”-Button

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We do not have a date of the new release. However you can “patch” the language files by placing an override jar file in a specific directory. The language file inside the jar file (which is basically a zip file) will then override the stock language file.

Assuming you use the virtual appliance:

  1. Copy override.jar (1.8 KB) to the virtual appliance (for example using WinSCP)
  2. Copy override.jar to the portal.lib.d directory
    $ sudo cp override.jar /usr/share/djigzo-web/lib/portal.lib.d/
  3. Restart front-end
    $ sudo systemctl restart ciphermail-gateway-frontend

I’ve just installed the “patch” like you said and it worked.
Thanks a lot for your quick help!