CipherMail Email Encryption Gateway 3.1.1-1 released


CipherMail Email Encryption Gateway (3.1.1-1) is available for download.

Release notes:


* MySQL/MariaDB jdbc drivers updated.
* CXF upgraded. CXF now uses netty for http soap server connections
  instead of jetty.
* config.xml refactored. This makes it easier to change the mail flow
  using external xml fragments.
* Regression: New admin roles could no longer be assigned/removed
* PGP advanced option "Skip non PGP extensions" added. If enabled (the
  default), only attachments with the extension "pgp", "asc", "gpg" or
  "sig" are scanned for PGP binary data. This should speed-up scanning
  incoming email for PGP encrypted attachments when PGP/INLINE for
  incoming email is enabled.
* Enigmail encodes long filenames with filename*0* filename*1* etc.
  when encoding email with PGP/INLINE. These parameters should be
  removed after decryption to make sure that the resulting filename no
  longer has the .pgp extension.

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CipherMail email encryption

Email encryption with support for S/MIME, OpenPGP, PDF encryption and
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