Send PDF Messenger

Hi Martijn,
How can I send a PDF Messenger? I searched but couldn’t find it. please help me


do you mean you want to send a pdf encrypted message?


I configure according to static password and go to base URL I do not understand what it is and after successful configuration how can I send PDF messages ?
Thanks for reading, Stefan

I guess you are mixing up two things: When using the portal feature, Ciphermail uses a one time password to encrypt the email and the recipient gets this password from the portal page.
But you mention a static password instead of an OTP.

My suggestion is, that as a first step you try to configure a working pdf encryption with a static password, following the documentation.
The second and final step would then be the use of the OTP and the portal.

Best wishes,


Thank you,
I have configured static passwords according to the documentation but am not sure how to use the PDF Messenger feature. I use thunderbird if S/MINE then adding a certificate is usable but PDf messenger I don’t know …

I have configured static passwords according to the documentation. Now what do I have to do to be able to send my first PDF mail?