New release of the CipherMail Email Encryption Gateway (4.1.3-0)

A new version of the CipherMail email encryption gateway is available

This is mainly a bug fix release. If you are not using the PDF reply
portal or not planning to use the new Clickatell Connect SMS API, there
is no reason to upgrade.

Release notes:

* Attachments could not be added to the PDF reply because of
  "X-Frame-Options: DENY" header (added in version 4.1.2-1)
   The X-Frame-Options header value is now set to SAMEORIGIN
* Support for Clickatell connect SMS API added

Upgrade guide can be downloaded from:

Kind regards,

Martijn Brinkers


CipherMail email encryption

Open source email encryption gateway with support for S/MIME, OpenPGP
and PDF messaging.