Ciphermail Appliance Office 365


we just switched from the Debian version to the appliance version. So far everything seems to work, but we have one issue.

On our old server only our office365 host was able to connect and deliver mail. I believe the part in config with

"exchange_online_checks = check_client_access cidr:/etc/postfix/cidr-o365-ip-range" should define the hosts which are allowed to connect to ciphermail.

/etc/postfix/cidr-o365-ip-range (more IPs from O365 inside, this is just one for example) being: OK

I do realize that this leads to the fact that everybody from an O365 ip address can send to the Ciphermail appliance and it will be forwarded but this is something we are willing to accept.

Unfortunately currently all IP addresses can connect and deliver mail for our domain which leads to intensive spam.

Am I doing something wrong? Would really appreciate some help.

Best Regards,


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