Certificate directorys

lst_hoe02(a)kwsoft.de wrote:

There is really a long way to go. We received today the following
(correspondingly) answer from a german bank to our inquiry to use
S/MIME further on to secure confidential mail:

"The requested way to secure mail is not wide-spread today and we
therefore do not support it. We use the follwoing with our Business
Partners: Include all sensible data in an encrypted ZIP-Archiv
(AES-256) and send the information attached to the mail."

This was from the CIO of the IT department of the bank :frowning:
-No further comment-

That person probably has a note attached to the doorpost of their home:
"key is under the doormat".

I do believe that there's more ignorance in this matter among CIO's and
managers than among tech people in the field.



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