Windows xp does not accept the root certificate


now i have deleted all certificates from my windows machine and from djigzo.
and created a new ca and user certificates.
but with no success "the same procedure as last year"..... :frowning:

if i try to import the pfx file i will not get the security warning message (
smime guide page 12, figure 8 ), but if i import it manually and select the
store "trusted root certificates" i will get this message, but with no success.
if i open the imported root certificate and go to the third tab i see the
message "this certificate has a invalid signature" ( translated from german ).
in thunderbird i can import this certificate with no problem


Andreas Schubert


users-bounces(a) wrote on 14.07.2009 19:53:40:

Did you import the pfx by dbl click and then import using the import
wizard? Could you remove all your root instances from all stores and
try again? The easiest way to manage certificates on windows is by
starting mmc and then add the certificates add-in. Using the mmc add-
in you can search for a certificate by right clicking the top store
element and then choose search for certificates. Search for your root
and delete all references and try to import the pfx again

Kind regards

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