URL for portal not set? No link in e-mail

I’m using Ciphermail version 5.5.3. Within the settings section I have defined the URL for the portal page and I have checked, that the software has set the values for “Reply URL” and “OTP URL” automatically.
But when I send an email with an encrypted PDF the email does not contain the link, but only the hint “not set”.
What did I miss or set wrong?

Thanks for your help.

Best wishes,


Did you change the template for the invite email? The default templates were changed in recent releases. This should not have an impact on templates which were overridden but it might be some issue.

Can you attach the template for the PDF OTP invite email?

Good evening Martijn,

sorry for the late reply, I was on a vacation. I tested the portal feature again with a fresh installation of version 5.5.3 and compared the template since you mentioned it. The templates are the same, but on the fresh installation the link is now included in the email.
Therefore I assume, that something else in the configuration broke this detail. But we do not have to spend more time on it. It wasn’t much work to transfer the configuration of the buggy system to the working system.
Nevertheless thanks for pointing me to the template. If this happens again, I will check it first, before I post.

Have a nice evening,