Quarantine recipients not previously registered

Hi Martijn,

I think that would work, I will give it a go and let you
know how I get on.


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On 07/06/2011 03:39 PM, bruceq wrote:
> That might work, although i don't need to actually
> encrypt every recipient address but I do need to
> restrict emails to authorized recipients only.

One option would be to add a DLP quarantine rule that
matches all emails, for example add a matcher that matches
* or matches one or more email addresses. This will result
in quarantining all outgoing email. If you then want to
*not* quarantine email from a specific sender you can
disable DLP for that specific user (or remove the match
all rule for that user if you want to keep DLP for that
user with different rules). Disabling DLP in this case is
a way to "authorize" certain recipients. If you want to
"authorize" a domain you can disable DLP for the domain.

Is this more or less what you need?

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