New release of the DJIGZO gateway available (version 2.3.1-7)

A new release of the DJIGZO gateway is now available (2.3.1-7).

This is the same version as the previous release candidate so if you
already installed version 2.3.1-7 there is no need to reinstall since
the last release candidate is now the official new version.

The release notes:


* One Time Password (OTP) PDF encryption. The OTP can be generated by
  the recipient after logging into the portal.
* Email can be encrypted with additional certificates (aka escrow).
* PDF reply page and quarantine viewer now supports multiple
  languages (de, en, nl). German translation by Stefan Michael Guenther.
* The message with the encrypted PDF can be digitally signed.
* EJBCA integration added (certificates can be requested from an
  EJBCA server).
* Login pages (admin and portal) now contain a brute-force filter
  that blocks access for some time if IP/user tried
  to login with incorrect credentials in short timeframe.


* Default password length is now 16 bytes (128 bits)
* The URL for PDF and quarantine view has been changed from
  /external/* to /web/portal/*
* Some CSS changes: fonts bigger, background color white
  and other minor changes.
* The portal functionality (PDF reply, external quarantine view) are
  now in separate war file (djigzo-portal.war)
* SMS settings removed from the main settings page to a separate
  setting pages
* Support for RedHat/CentOS 6

Bug fix

* The wildcard domains were not functioning correctly.

Known Issues

* In Internet explorer 9, Compatibility View should be enabled. For more
info on how to enable compatibility view in IE9 see
This will be fixed in the next release.

The new version can be downloaded from

Upgrade guide

Kind regards,

Martijn Brinkers


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