Is there an easy way of creating multiple domains with the same settings?

I have a question regarding the domain settings of the Encryption Gateway.
Since we might want to use PGP with external domains in the future I have set up the locality of the global preferences to “external”.
I have then created a domain with the locality set to “internal” and it works fine.
Now that we want to use Ciphermail globally I have to set up 79 domains with the same settings.
Unfortunately I haven’t found any possibility to copy domain settings.
Is there any easy way of configuring this for example copying the config in the config files?
For the relay domains I have just added all domains in the MTA config file which worked great.

Many thanks in advance!


At the moment options to automate the configuration without creating some code are limited. If you want full control you need to create a service which communicates with the SOAP back-end.

There is a basic CLI tool which can be used add domains/users and can set properties.

To start the CLI tool you need to login to the gateway and execute the following command

java -cp '/usr/share/djigzo/lib/*'

WARNING: the CLI tool will not validate any property names/values. You can mess up the gateway if you set an incorrect value.


To add a domain:

java -cp '/usr/share/djigzo/lib/*' \

To set a domain property:

java -cp '/usr/share/djigzo/lib/*' \
--domain --set-property user.locality --value Internal

To get a domain property:

java -cp '/usr/share/djigzo/lib/*' \
--domain --get-property user.locality

You can also import an XML file with a number of domains/users:

java -cp '/usr/share/djigzo/lib/*' --import-xml testData.xml

(see attached xml file)

testData.xml (2.8 KB)

The CLI tools comes with no warranty. You can mess up your system.

The next major release will contain a newly written CLI with advanced functionality and which will validate the input.

I’ve just had time to test your advice.
I did the config with the xml file and it worked well.
Saved me a lot of work.
Thanks for your help!