Can't undo settings for domain or user

Hi there,

I’m a new user of Ciphermail (the VA variant, running
ciphermail-appliance-centos-community-1.2.0-0.noarch), installed it
recently with a customer’s network, work’s fine so far, awesome piece of

Today however I stumbled on something that might be a bug (or I’m simply
doing things wrong)

This is what I did:

* Set up Cipermail, creating a CA etc.pp. and set the Global
Preferences to use a trigger to encrypt mails with S/MIME, i.e. Encrypt Mode
= ‚Allow‘, S/MIME enabled, Set up a trigger regular expression, enabled that
one and check ‚Remove match‘
* Then I added an external domain, set the Encryption Mode to
‚mandatory‘. For testing purposesm this external domain happened to be that
of our company
* This worked fine, each mail I sent me an my colleagues were signed
and encrypted.
* Following that, I added another, productive domain ( as
I was told

Now, the customer asked me to go back an not force encryption, but make it
an option using the Subject Line trigger. I changed the settings for the
domain in question backup to Encryp Mode = ‚Allow‘ etc.

But as it seems, the appliance doesn’t care and continues to encrypt mails,
wether a trigger sentence is used or not.

I’m clearly lost. What am I doing wrong?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

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