I am still looking for a consultant


the developers are not the only source for commercial support.

We will definitely respond rather fast to your emails.

BTW: I'm already in contact with the Mr. Chuang, helping him to set up the PDF encryption.

Kinde regards,

Stefan Michael Günther


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CipherMail - DIE Open-Source E-Mail-Verschlüsselung

- S/MIME, PGP und PDF-Verschlüsselung
- Ver-/Entschlüsselung auf dem Gateway, nicht auf dem Client
- Webinterface für die Administration
- Informiert den Absender über eine erfolgreiche Verschlüsselung

Weitere Informationen unter https://www.ciphermail.info/

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Zitat von Rafael Wolf <rfwolf(a)gmail.com>:

> Good luck with commercial support. You can't buy it, they don't return
> emails, their last blog is from may of 2018...cipher mail is junk IMO for
> business use.
> A nice toy but they don't really support it as far as I can tell. I had
> use Barracuda's hosted encryption for a client & it wasn't cheap but it's
> supported and works exactly the way they need it to for email encryption.

So it was not suitable for you...
We use the Software without problems for many years, but we have not
needed commercial support because we are able to manage it ourself
with the help of the very good documentation.

So not the product is junk, but maybe your expectations on the
commercial support?

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