How to reset "sa" password / Ciphermail appliance

Hello, somehow the password for user “sa” got lost. What steps are needed to reset the password ?

The sa user is the Unix system user.

Do you have access with some other user?

If you are running on a cloud provider, for example Azure, you can reset the password from the Azure control panel. If you are running the system on another system which does not support password resets, resting the password is a lot harder.

For some information see

Hello Martijn, thanks for your reply. We have access thru the Web-UI. But the sa access got lost. I figured a reset would be difficult, the Ciphermail Appliance runs CentOS and it is a SELinux. Any knowledge how to reset the sa passwort under this specific OS? Best regards

Did you try the RedHat link? That should work for CentOS