Encryption Subject Triggers for S/MIME and PDF

This is possible but you need to add a custom rule to the mail flow
definition file (config.xml). You should add the check for a subject
just before doing the S/MIME encryption.

For example add a mailet/matcher somewhere just before checking whether
S/MIME is enabled.

Example (not tested)

  <log> PDF encryption forced </log>
  <processor> checkPDFEncrypt </processor>

The part (?i)\[\s*pdfencrypt\s*\] is a regular expression that is
triggered when pdfencrypt between [ and ] is found in the subject. If
so, it jumps to checkPDFEncrypt.

It's not hard to add to config.xml but you should familiarize yourself
first how config.xml is built-up before adding the rule.

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On 06/19/2014 11:55 AM, Romeo Sulzer wrote:

Is it possible to configure a separate Subject Trigger specifically for PDF
encryption? Basically I'd like to give the user the option to either
encrypt a message using S/MIME or PDF on a case by case basis. Sometimes
there is a need to send a PDF encrypted message, even if the certificates
for S/MIME encryption would be present.

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