Djigzo for BlackBerry

We are currently looking for BlackBerry users and administrators who are
willing to help us test our open source email encryption solution for
the BlackBerry smartphone.

Djigzo for BlackBerry is an add-on to the Djigzo Email Encryption
Gateway which can be used to send and receive S/MIME digitally signed
and encrypted email from a BlackBerry smartphone. Djigzo for BlackBerry
is used in combination with the open source Djigzo Email Encryption
Gateway. Djigzo for BlackBerry integrates with the built-in BlackBerry
mail application.


- S/MIME encryption and digital signing using X.509 certificates.
- Is compatible with existing S/MIME clients (like Outlook and
   Lotus Notes).
- Message body and attachments are encrypted.
- HTML email support.
- Uses BlackBerry encryption functionality (3DES, AES, X.509, S/MIME).
- Uses the BlackBerry built-in key and certificate store.
- Is compatible with the BlackBerry smart card reader.
- Encrypted messages sent from BlackBerry smartphone are securely
   relayed by the Djigzo gateway via an encrypted S/MIME tunnel.
- Because email is relayed by the Djigzo gateway, email sent from the
   BlackBerry can be easily archived using any existing email archiving
- Messages are stored on the BlackBerry smartphone in encrypted form.
- Because email is relayed by the Djigzo gateway, all email originates
   from the companies IP range. This is especially useful when the
   companies domains have SPF records setup.

After the testing period, Djigzo for BlackBerry will be released under
an open source license.

More information can be found on (Djigzo for BlackBerry
quick start guide, reference guide and faq)

If you are interested in testing Djigzo for BlackBerry please contact me
off list

Kind regards,

Martijn Brinkers


Djigzo open source email encryption