Ciphermail on Odriod XU3 [SOLVED]


this is a description on how to install Ciphermail on Odroid XU3. Any comments are welcome.

I followed the manual install documentation for Ubuntu Systems. The .deb packages will not work.
This documentation kicks in at point "2.2 Install Ciphermail" where you begin to download the tar balls:

Download the latest from Djigzo and untar:

sudo -u djigzo tar xzf djigzo_2.9.0-0.tar.gz --directory /usr/local/djigzo/
sudo -u djigzo tar xzf djigzo-web_2.9.0-0.tar.gz --directory /usr/local/djigzo-web/

Change into the directory:

cd /usr/local/djigzo

Change to the Wrappers:

cd wrapper/

Download the appropriate java wrappers for you system architecture into the wrappers directory. For ODROID XU3 it is “armhf”. The wrappers can be found here:

For ODROID XU3 it is:


Now make a new properties file for your architecture and point it to the newly downloaded wrapperfiles:

echo 'wrapper.dist.tar=wrapper-linux-armhf-32-3.5.26.tar.gz' >

sudo chown djigzo:djigzo

Now proceed with documented install:

sudo -u djigzo ant

Follow the install documentation to the end. Insert all the necessary scripts etc…

Now the web-djigzo part will start, but the backend may not work jet. It will not start. That may be due to your installed Java version. Depending on your Java installation you may have to use singed bouncycastle files for the djigzo backend part to properly function. All though I installed java as documented, I had Oracels Java 1.8 installed which needed the singed bouncycastle files. Here is what to do:

Change in to the directory with the bouncycastle files:

  cd /usr/local/djigzo/lib/

Download the singed bouncycastle files from here:



Backup your existing files:

sudo mv bcmail.jar /usr/local/djigzo/lib/bcmail.jar.bak
sudo mv bcpg.jar /usr/local/djigzo/lib/bcpg.jar.bak
sudo mv bckix.jar /usr/local/djigzo/lib/bckix.jar.bak
sudo mv bcprov.jar /usr/local/djigzo/bcprov.jar.bak
sudo mv bcpkix.jar /usr/local/djigzo/lib/bcpkix.jar.bak

Now rename your freshly downloaded singed files:

sudo mv bcmail-jdk15on-151.jar bcmail.jar
sudo mv bcpg-jdk15on-151.jar bcpg.jar
sudo mv bcpkix-jdk15on-151.jar bcpkix.jar
sudo mv bcprov-jdk15on-151.jar bcprov.jar

And give permissions to djigzo:

sudo chown djigzo:djigzo bc*

Now start the backend:

  sudo service djigzo restart

Now you should be set up to configure your newly installed ciphermail system!