Ciphermail and postfix not connecting


got it ! Cipohermail only save mta config if the mta (postfix) is running.
To check this, ciphermail uses service (systemd).
SystemD only works correct in a privileged (--privileged) container. Now it
seems to work.

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Am Do., 26. Juli 2018 um 09:32 Uhr schrieb Bjoern Meier < bjoern.meier(a)>:

hi Martijn ,

Thank you for the reply.

But no, all software for ciphermail (Tomcat, postfix, postgresql,
djigzo.war and djigzo-web.war) is running in the same container, this is
intended, because I need data per container, not on a central container.

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Bjoern Meier

Am Do., 26. Juli 2018 um 09:28 Uhr schrieb Martijn Brinkers via Users < > users(a)>:

On 25-07-18 22:32, Bjoern Meier via Users wrote:
> hi,
> I tried to build an image for docker with the official installation
> Webinterface, Postgresql annd tomcat8 on ubuntu 16.04 image seem to work
> fine. Except. I can't control postfix over the web-interface.
> the symptoms:
> - the web interface tells me mta is not runnig. starting or stopping
> the buttons doesn't change anything
> - the mta config file is empty in the web interface
> - I can't change the mta -> config settings. No matter, what I change,
> resets to empty again. f. e. I set "RelaY domains", Apply, re-open it
> it is empty.

My experience with Docker is limited so hopefully I can help and I might
suggest things which are not correct Docker wise.

I guess you are using multiple Docker containers? i.e., container for
CipherMail, container for Postgres etc. If so, which parts are running
in their own container?

The CipherMail back-end, needs direct file access to Posfix in order to
configure Postfix ( read log files, and stop/start postfix. If
Postfix runs in a separate container, CipherMail back-end does not have
direct access to the Postfix specific files and cannot stop/start
Postfix. One option would be to run CipherMail back-end and Postfix in
the same Docker container. This way CipherMail has direct access to
Postfix. Another option would be to store all Postfix related files on a
shared storage (shared between CipherMail and Postfix) and modify the
postfix start stop/scripts running on CipherMail to remotely start/stop

Kind regards,

Martijn Brinkers

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