Updates for Linux / Ciphermail

Zitat von Hugo Koren <koren(a)mostware.nl>:


What are the update procedures for the Hyper-V virtual machine? Is
there a way to upgrade to the next version when there is one
And what about the updates for Ubuntu, is it safe to just install
all the available updates?

To my knowledge the virtual machines are simply pre-installed Ubuntu
LTS. You can do an upgrade of Djigzo with the Debian/Ubuntu packages
and the Upgrade guide from here
https://www.ciphermail.com/documents/upgrade-guide.pdf. Regarding the
OS updates they should be save to use as Djigzo mostly uses Java and
doesn't care about the binaries all around. We do it this way, but
also have a test environment for critical updates and major upgrades
of Djigzo.