Turn off S/MIME signing per recipient

Hi everyone,

We use ciphermail for domain encryption with S/MIME and PGP. Our S/MIME domain certificate is self-signed and does not contain a CRL. Today we ran into the issue that a new partner declines our encrypted and signed mail due to the missing CRL in our S/MIME certificate. One possible solution (at least in theory) would be to turn off signing of our mails for that specific recipient.
However the only configuration options for signing that I could find are defined on sender level and not per recipient. The only exception to this seems to be the option “Only sign when encrypt” which would not help for this use case.
Is there a configuration option to turn off email signing on a recipient basis that I might have missed?

Thank you in advance.

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There is no option for this out of the box. You can change the mail flow and make some sort of exception. This requires changing config.xml file which configures the complete mail flow.