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Thanks for the link. I'm using thunderbird as well so I will check how hard it is to modify it to show the djigzo headers.



Sent with djigzo for blackberry. Excuse my brevity.

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Hello Andreas:

On Wed, 21 Jul 2010 14:12:40 +0000, Andreas Anderson <galium123(a)> wrote:

Slighly offtopic, does somoeone know an addon for Thunderbird that can
display custom icons based on (the djigzo-) mail-headers, so i can see


the mail was encrypted/signed without looking through the headers?

You could have a look at the DispMUA thunderbird addon [1] and perhaps
modify that code to match the Djigzo headers rather than the MUA headers,
and update the icons accordingly.

This could turn into a very interesting plugin to provide S/MIME, GPG and
other security-related information.

Good luck, Achim

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