Summary of findings after Djigzo tests


after some days of testing for our internal mailsystem i list all the
things we have found or find useful to add/change:

- As provided in a private patch from Martijn Brinkers the splitting
in two output Queues is very helpful and it would be nice to see this
in the standard release in the future.

- A sort-option to only show user certificates or intermediate CAs in
the certificate list would be nice to have.

- The option to not alter the message-ID, so it is possible for the
mailclient to keep track of replys is really important.

- It would be nice to have some read only interface to query if for a
given recpient address a matching certificate is in the store.

- To integrate in a existing Postfix installation it could be handy to
set some parameter (relay IP, max. connections/threads..) of the
builtin james-server with the GUI and to set the Postfix config to

But in anyway many thanks for the very useful Software.