Subordinate Certificate Authority

If you have an existing intermediate CA certificate with the associated
private key and the issuing root certificate (just the cert) you can
import the root (into the root store) and import the CA (using a PKCS#12
file) into the certificates store. You can then select the newly
imported intermediate as the issuing certificate for the built-in CA
(from menu, CA -> Select CA (from left hand side menu))

Alternatively you can connect CipherMail to an external CA like for
example EJBCA.

Or did I misunderstand your question?

Kind regards,

Martijn Brinkers


On 29-11-18 03:50, Mike DiBella via Users wrote:

Does anyone have any thoughts on whether it is possible to create or
modify the Ciphermail internal certificate authority to be a
authority subordinate to an existing enterprise PKI? Perhaps after
creating an internal authority the intermediate certificate could be
manually substituted with one created from the enterprise PKI using
shell commands?

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