Subject trigger to suppress signing

You can add functionality like this to config.xml to skip singing when the subject contains a specific keyword (no coding is required). Unfortunately I currently do not have access to djigzo instance I can experiment with. You might take a look at config.xml to find out how to add such a line or you have to wait a few days for me to send you the required changes.

Can you add a JIRA feature request for this? (see

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Martijn Brinkers


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Man in the Middle :-), et al., we would like the ability to suppress signing
based on a subject trigger. We sign by default ("Only sign when encrypt" is
unchecked) but want to offer users the option to suppress signing for
individual emails.
If someone has already implemented this, would you mind sharing? Or if you
can offer a hint where to look (in the source for the implementation of the
encrypt subject trigger, that would be appreciated.

Thank you,

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