Some usage statistics...


after playing around since more than two years we finally got S/MIME
on the way for our corporate mail. Two main reasons for the start:

- Very cheap (free) recognized S/MIME certs from to
get S/MIME certificates for all of our users.

- S/MIME Gateway (Djigzo :slight_smile: which lower the administrative burden
significantly and save us from difficult handling at the user desktop.

Our company is a smaller ISV with around 100 employees and customers
mostly in the assurance business. After two weeks with around 400
incoming mails/day we have the following number of external certs
taken from incoming e-mail in our Djigzo store:
- 15 from Mailing-Lists (mostly because of djigzo and startssl list)
- 5 from newsletters (finance)
- 2 with more private background (freemailer)
- 3 business related

This clearly shows one of the major problems for encrypted mail: There
are simply no certs available...

So for the idea of a project "yellow pages" for certificates
integrated in Djigzo i would say we urgently need it.