Newbie problem with setup

I apologize for taking your time on this issue that, as it turns out, was
only an issue with the unsuitableness of VMWare Player as a test
environment. I only sought to TEST using VMWare Player, and once tested
had planned to -- and still plan to -- spin up a dedicated box.

In any case, I learned a lot here. I can't thank you all enough for your
help. Thanks again, Martijn and Andreas.

Very best regards -- and until next time :wink:

Jeff Hallett


VMware player is not really suited for server based applications. If you
want to use the Virtual Appliance it's better to use the ESX or Hyper-V
version. Or, install it on a dedicated Linux box.

That said, it's possible to use VirtualBox with the Virtual Appliance
for VMware player. See Appendix A of the Djigzo Virtual Appliance guide.

I have copied the relevant section:

1) Open the Virtual Media Manager (File -> Virtual Media Manager) and
press Add to add an existing medium.
2) Select a hard disk image file. Select the Virtual Appliance .vmdk
file and close the dialog.
3) Create a new Virtual Machine. Use Operating system Linux and version
4) Set base memory >= 640 MB.
5) Select the .vmdk hard disk created in step 2.
6) Make sure the network is set to: Attached to: Host Interface.
7) Enable the advanced option PAE/NX.
8) Finish.

You can now start-up the Virtual Appliance.

Kind regards,

Martijn Brinkers