New version of Djigzo released (1.2.2)


I'm happy to announce a new release of Djigzo.

Djigzo now has a built-in CA which you can use to issue certificates for
internal and external users. A certificate and private key can be
securely sent to an external user. The external user can use the
certificate with any S/MIME capable email client. The message sent to
the external recipient contains a link to a page with help on how to
install the pfx file

Why issuing certificates to external users?

My experience is that users find it hard to get their own certificates
(from Comodo, Thawte etc.). Another problem is that users will lose
their certificates (and private key) because of a system crash etc. The
Djigzo CA server can function as a "key escrow" for these users because
the administrator can sent a copy of the certificate and key. Users that
do not trust or do not want to use the build-in CA can get their own
certificate from a commercial certificate vendor.


Martijn Brinkers

Change log 1.2.2:

* [Djigzo] New: built-in CA added. The CA can issue certificates for
internal and external users
* [Djigzo] New: Telephone numbers specified on the subject can be used
as for the SMS Text message number
* [Djigzo] Improvement: BB add-on. Attachment not supported by the
Blackberry are stripped. HTML only mail is converted to text
* [Djigzo] Improvement: BB add-on. Large attachment are now supported
* [Djigzo] Improvement: Root certificate is added when exporting
certificates and when signing messages
* [Djigzo] Improvement: CRLDistPointCertPathChecker added to certificate
path builder. Critical CRL dist points are now accepted
* [Djigzo] Improvement: Force "encrypt mode" added which overrules
* [Djigzo] Fix: mail.mime.parameters.strict system property added. This
is a workaround for mail created by Apple mac. The Apple mac mailer
'forgets' to quote filenames containing spaces
* [Djigzo] Change: SMS Text message now expires in 24 hours if not sent
(was 4 hours)
* [Djigzo] Change: PDF reply allowed is now false by default
* [Djigzo] Change: Default S/MIME encryption algorithm is now 3DES
because not all Windows versions support AES
* [Djigzo-Web] Improvement: Administrator can see who (user, domain) is
using a certificate
* [Djigzo-Web] Improvement: Rows per page for the grids can be set using
a system property
* [Djigzo-Web] Improvement: Certificate and CRL algorithms and more
properties can now be viewed
* [Djigzo-Web] Improvement: CRL certificate entries (the revoked serial
numbers) can be downloaded as a text file
* [Djigzo-Web] Change: Password validity interval should now be set in
minutes (old settings are converted)
* [Djigzo-Web] Change: Some user properties moved to advanced properties
* [Djigzo-VM] New: VMware tools can be rebuild from menu
* [Djigzo-VM] Improvement: Dialog shown on network configuration error
* [Djigzo-VM] Change: Jetty upgraded to 6.1.17


Djigzo open source email encryption gateway