Import Backup into 5.0.4 fails

The old virtual appliance used Postgres for the database and the new
virtual appliance uses MariaDB. Unfortunately a database dump from
Postgres cannot be imported into MariaDB without a lot of changes to
the exported SQL (for example table names and column names are
different). We do have tools to convert the database between different
databases but this is only supported from our professional services.

If you only need to export certificates and keys, you can select the
certificates and export them to a pfx file and then import the pfx file
into the new gateway. The same procedure can be used for the PGP keys.

Kind regards,

Martijn Brinkers


On Fri, 2021-10-01 at 09:18 +0000, Vincent Willert via Users wrote:


we are planning to moved from the distribution packages with version
4.11 to Virtual Appliance Version 5.0.4

After creating a backup on the old system I am trying to restore the
backup via the Webinterface in 5.0.4 on the virtual appliances.

Unfortunately the certificate database doesn’t seem to be imported
even tough it should be in the backup file.

Other MTA-settings are imported properly. I think it could be related
to the old version using Postgres and the virtual appliance uses
MYSQL – but I am not sure of that.

I also tried importing with the script – but still the
certificates are not showing up in the webinterface.

Does anybody have an idea how to import the file and keep the
certificate database?

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