I want to only sign emails, no encryption


I run a small company, and i send a lot of invoices via email. Sometimes it happens someone try to impersonate us, and send emails with virus. So i want to digitally sign, all our outgoing emails, without encrypting them. so people can verify that they are from us via the green checkmark in outlook.

Is this possible?

And also, is it possible to buy support from someone trusted to do the setup so it gets done correctly the first time.

Yes that is possible. What is important is that you use trusted certificates, i.e., certificates issued by a trusted CA like for example GlobalSign, Sectico and others.

If you want to only sign, make sure you disable (i.e., uncheck) the “only sign when encrypt” option:


For commercial support, please send an email to info@ciphermail.com or contact us via the Contact CipherMail page

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: I have sent an email but have yet to receive an offer :slight_smile:

We have sent you an email about the pricing and options.


Martijn Brinkers