Create personal certificate with mail address in the admin portal of ciphermail for outlook client

i found this topic partly in your community portal our partner runs a ciphermail gateway for encryption purposes.
we have 6 employees who have to exchange encrypted messages with the company
our 6 employees all have a s/mime certificate from SECTIGO with the appropriate mail address.
The certificate with private key is installed in the Outlook clients and receiving and decrypting from the company also works, but as I said, sending encrypted messages with the domain certificate issued by ciphermail in the contact results in an error message:
"problems occurred while encrypting this message for the listed recipient … "because outlook wants a user certificate.
I have read in the ciphermail manual “smime-setup-guide.pdf” on page 7 section 3.2 that personal certificates are created, wouldn’t that be the right certificate for Outlook?
We don’t really want to install an extra cipher gateway for 6 employees, especially as we need our S/MIME certificates for another purpose.
is there a way to solve the problem without having to install our own ciphermail gateway?

kind regards

Outlook by default will only use a certificate if the email address of the certificate matches the email address of the recipient.

You can configure Outlook to override this. See How to turn off e-mail matching for certificates - Outlook | Microsoft Learn for more information.

thanks, that was the solution, now it also works with the outlook client.
Kind regards wembies